These terms and conditions are general for all our competitions.

It is a legal agreement between the Italian Street Photo Festival (ISPF) and other affiliates. By submitting our complaints to accept these terms and conditions.


1) The contest participant grants ISPF permission to use the images sent, the name of the competitor and any titles, for promotional purposes of the contests and of the festival itself on each platform: printed paper, web, social networks, photographic exhibitions etc. The permit is also extended to collaborators affiliated with ISPF. This concession is absolutely free, therefore ISPF will never have to pay sums of money for such uses. The images or designs will not be used for commercial purposes.

2) ISPF and the respective partners (advertising agencies, collaborators, employees, representatives) are discharged from any liability, from any claim, loss, damage and injury resulting from participation in the contest. ISPF and the respective partners will be indemnified if participation causes economic or moral damage to other realities or people.

3) ISPF don’t assume responsibility for any errors, omissions, technical malfunctions, incompleteness, interruptions, cancellations, defects or delays in the image upload operation. ISPF is not responsible for telephone line problems, server, provider, browser, software, internet traffic problems etc. for any data or email transmissions.

4) ISPF is not responsible if such problems can delay past the contest’s due date.

5) ISPF is not responsible for errors of interpretation of this regulation or of the data relating to the festival in the specific sections on the websites: www.italianstreetphotofestival.comwww.it.italianstreetphotofestival.com

6) By participating, you declare that you have read and approved all the specific sections in the contest sections of the sites mentioned above, concerning specifications and descriptions of contests, prizes, deadlines, judges, etc.

  1. The specific sections regarding the contest referred to on the page: https://2020.italianstreetphotofestival.com/contest/ act as regulation in their descriptions of terms, prizes and jury.
  2. The organization may change these sections, terms, prizes and jury without notice and entries already received will be considered valid without a refund.

7) ISPF has the right to disqualify participants at its discretion, for failure to comply with the rules, for inappropriate photographs or projects, for incorrect behavior, for a conflict of interest, for out of competition theme.

8) ISPF has the right to disqualify photographs that do not meet the requirements of the competition theme or that are outrageous to morality, ethics and morality. These decisions are mandatory, without any refund of the participation fee.

9) Post production of images is allowed.

10) ISPF reserves the right to cancel, anticipate or postpone the event or modify the following regulation at any time and at its discretion.


11)The jury’s judgment is unquestionable.

12) The voting system and the votes received by the photographs will not be disclosed for any reason and the participants will not be able to know the course of the vote.

13) The jury, in the first instance, will decide on the finalists who will be announced on the site before the Festival in Rome on 24-25-26 April 2020.

14) The finalists will be notified via email and must provide the photographs sent in high resolution.

15) Non-finalists will not be notified via email.

16) The winners will be announced during the days of the festival in Rome.

17) The organization reserves the right to vary the jury even in the context of contest started and registration received. Registrations will be considered valid.


  1. The finalists for the aforementioned competitions chosen and voted through the organization of the festival. The judges of the competition will vote and decide for the winners.


The Competition and its rules will be regulated and interpreted in accordance with Italian laws. Any aspect or controversy arising in connection with the competition and / or your requests will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts.